A.C.,T. was founded in 1991 as an artist-run cooperative for emerging and established artists. A.C.,T. provides members with the means of creating their own opportunities for exhibition, and developing a sense of community by working together on common goals.

   A.C.,T. offers workshops, lectures, classes and demonstrations for its members and the community. It employs a variety of exhibition approaches and encourages “thinking outside the box” by including the participation of nonvisual and/or performing artists in shows or openings.

   All show proposals are developed by members and brought to the group for discussion and approval. A.C.,T. is a multi-ethnic and culturally diverse organization whose members are committed to showing their work in the city. A.C.,T. is designed to be financially accessible to everyone.

Mission Statement

To provide an artist-run, non-juried, exhibit space for established and emerging local artists of all disciplines.

To develope a sense of community for member artists through regular meetings and through group work toward common goals.

To mount a variety of exhibit approaches.

To foster member dialog about issues involved in arts and exhibits through group discussions and debates.

To create a cooperative organization that will be financially accessible to all members of the community.

To operate in a democratic manner; alternative proposals developed by board/officers brought to the entire group for discussion and vote; one member one vote.

All artists given equal opportunity to show through multi-ethnic and multi-cultural exhibitions.

To offer involvement to non-visual artist and non-artist.

To share and exchange resources and skills among members.

To offer workshops, lectures, demonstrations, and classes of interest to members and to the community.

A.C.,T. Gallery: (313)961-4336